Are you looking for a new challenge?


Fight Girls

Do you want to go outside of your comfort zone?

What is Fight Girls?

Fight Girls is a 12-week Kickboxing challenge that takes you 11949455_873729172718671_2746077012603179264_nout of your comfort zone, pushes your limits and completes in a Fight Night Event like you see on the TV.

Lights, cheering and you stepping you into the ring

How Fight Girls works:


You must meet the training requirements.Weekday training takes place during the normal weekly sessions at your host club.

In addition, you will be required to attend Sunday training. All training is taken by Dynamic Martial Arts Coaches and overseen by the head coach.

Later in the program, two teams will be created and coaches allocated. However, unlike the shows on TV, the fighter will be going home and carrying on with normal life as well.


Who is Fight Girls for?

11986410_873730876051834_798076195819844539_nWe are looking for women

Over 15 years of age.

Those who have not taken part in a full-contact ring/cage event.

And previous Fight Girls wanting their next fight.

Lets DO IT! What do I do now!

12 weeks of hard training that will require dedication.


Now all you need to do now is

Step 1. Read the FAQ

Step 2. Fill out the sign-up page.

Step 3. Turn up and become a FIGHT GIRL…

This is YOUR turn


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Get Ready

Fight Girls – Back by popular demand The ultimate 12-week kickboxing challenge designed with ladies in mind. Dynamic Martial Arts, in Silverdale, is bringing back the ever popular Fights Girls. “Now in its sixth year, we love watching women visit for the first time, see the look on their faces, and then see them competing in the ring 12 weeks later”